Creely Blades is the company of knife maker Gary Creely, and is based in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania (USA). Our knife making approach is to use the latest in small shop manufacturing techniques to produce top quality blades to last a lifetime. We are blade steel connoisseurs who like to use a wide variety of steels from classics like 1095 carbon steel to CPM Rex 121, M390, Vanax, Cru-wear, LC200N, and more.

Our primary passion is functional high quality blades, form follows funtion. We search out the highest performance steels and we believe that material sciences have taken a significant leap in the past 50 years providing significant improvements in edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Above all we are interested in producing blades that function extremely well at their intended purpose, and will last a lifetime (more likely several lifetimes). 

Here is a review on our most popular model-